WhatsApp Two Step Verification

If you are a WhatsApp Beta tester, like me, you’ll be receiving day to day updates for WhatsApp messenger. The recent update has rolled out two step verification and playing audio in background features. The former one was there waiting for long time.

In an earlier update WhatsApp has added video calling option on Windows and Android based smartphones in Beta version. One can say we’ll see an overall new design and feature packed WhatsApp in coming days.

How to enable WhatsApp Two Step Verification

The first of the new feature rolled out is the two step verification. Usually when you register a WhatsApp account on your smartphone, you receive a unique code to activate services via SMS.

With two step verification, your email address will also be needed to be linked to your account. This will further strengthen the security of your account with nobody being able to use your number for WhatsApp without your knowledge.

Beware that after enabling this feature, whenever you change your phone and need to activate WhatsApp on your number again, two-step verification will ask you your email address and will send you the pass code on it.

Let me share the whole process in detail. You may click the following images to enlarge:

Step 1:    Launch WhatsApp, go to Settings and tap Account


Step 2:    On next screen, tap Two step verification


Step 3:    Move on to next screen, tap green button labelled ENABLE here


Step 4:    Enter six-digit passcode and tap NEXT button


Step 5:    Confirm your six-digit passcode and tap NEXT button


Step 6:    Enter an email to reset your passcode if you forget that and tap NEXT button


Step 7:    Confirm your email and tap NEXT button


Step 8:    That’s all you have successfully enable WhatsApp two step verification. Tap green button labelled DONE.


Audio in Background

Another new feature added to the recent beta versions of WhatsApp is the Audio in Background that enables to play audio messages in the background.

Previously, you had to keep WhatsApp open and stay within the conversation to hear any voice message received in it.

Now, you can wander away freely, switch to other conversations or even other apps, and as long as the voice message isn’t over and your phone’s screen doesn’t turn off, the audio will continue playing.

Be noted that these two features are available on the latest WhatsApp beta version for now. Beta versions are liable to contain bugs and glitches and should not be used as your default app.

If you know the risks and are still willing to use it, you can download the APK from APK Mirror.


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