Huawei, the leading tech giant from China, has revealed its future plans to expand its digital market place – the Huawei AppStore, to Europe starting from early 2018. The news was announced at Huawei’s Eco-Connect Europe event in Berlin last week, where Huawei also discussed plans to “empower the digital transformation of European businesses.”

The Huawei AppStore and Video Service

As the name implies, Huawei will bring its own pre-installed Huawei AppStore and Video Service on all Huawei and Honor branded smartphones available in European markets starting from the first quarter of 2018. The AppStore will feature a discovery and recommendation service that lets customers find new apps, with the company stating that the content in its store has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Expectedly, the Huawei Video Service will bring an ad-free streaming, covering global and local content, but more specific details are yet not known. To make the video collection up to the mark, Huawei is partnering with Under The Milky Way, an international digital film and documentary distributor that distributes more than 4,000 films in 100 countries around the world.

To further strengthen its presence, Huawei has already settled its deals with 15 app and game developers in the region. Moreover, the company has also made strategic partnerships with two content providers for its video streaming service.

Mr. Walter Ji, President Huawei’s Western Europe’s Mobile, expressed his views by saying:

“The Silk Road was significant for bringing prosperity to East and West. Huawei Consumer Business Group, the world’s number three smartphone vendor, already has several million users in China and Europe. We will do this by growing the European market together with partners, collaborating on AI and content first as well as extending our global reach.”

This is also revealed that Huawei will bring paid themes via the Huawei Themes Store App. Themes are an integral part of Huawei’s digital ecosystem, with the company seeing 160 million active users and 40 million downloads monthly. As for its app store, Huawei says that over 240,000 developers have joined the Huawei Developer Alliance and the company has paid $400 million in revenue last year.