The wide-range use of smartphones and high-speed internet has modernised the shopping experience. You don’t have to visit the physical outlets of your favourite brands as the online stores have made it possible to go through the entire catalogue on the 6-inch display right from your home or office.

The online shopping trend has become more popular in Pakistan over the years with many big names in the market. This growing e-commerce potential in the country has now opened doorways for yet another international platform, EZBuy – a Singapore-based online shopping platform.

EZBuy in Pakistan

EZBuy, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan has announced to expand its services to Pakistan. The purpose of the portal is to bring you the best and high-quality products for the lowest price. Not to mention that the EZBuy is regarded as twice as big as Daraz in terms of the number of products offered.

You can now place your order from Pakistan while going through a catalogue of more than 3 million products on EZBuy, ranging from clothing, electronics, accessories, cell phones and more. Your order will be shipped at your doorstep from around the globe; either from Singapore, China or any other country where the seller is from.

Another useful feature is that users can buy products in Pakistani Rupees, unlike Aliexpress where you can view the price in Rupees but payments have to be made in US Dollars.


EZBuy entered into an agreement with a group of Pakistani entrepreneurs under the leadership of Mr.Kamran Shaukat, who leveraged his vast online retail experience and professional network to introduce EZBuy in Pakistan. He said:

“We went live on August 1, 2018, in Pakistan and since the launch, we have gotten an overwhelming response on this website. We are expecting the new government to support the business community for it cannot be developed without it. Pakistan’s economy is going in right direction and the Pak-China governments would have more cooperation on CPEC projects.”

Vincent Xue Bin, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at ezbuy.com said:

“Our main agenda is to provide great value quality products to Pakistanis at their doorstep. China is manufacturing good quality products at great value rates compared to other countries including Pakistan and we can deliver it to the Pakistani people, schools, universities, hospitals at minimum delivery charges. We would have three platforms; first, EZBuy cross-border and local products; second, Haute Shop fashion products, while, the third, B2B serves businesses.”

Ezbuy in Pakistan certainly would benefit consumers as they would be able to purchase products at competitive prices. This platform also offers Pakistani producers to register with Ezbuy in Pakistan and sell their products through the platform.

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