Facebook – the most influential social network around the globe has launched the new privacy feature dubbed as ‘Facebook Face Recognition Feature’ in Pakistan, following its aim of providing the amazing new features to astonish its users.

Facebook introduced the feature as a step to raise precautionary security measures to cater ever increasing fake profiles and stolen images. In addition, the feature also helps to restrict hackers from downloading users’ Display picture from Facebook’s profile as well.

Facebook Face Recognition Feature

The new security and privacy feature was firstly rolled out for US and European customers back in December last year with an assurance for gradual roll out for other markets. As of now, the feature has made its debut in Pakistan.


The Facebook Face Recognition Feature works on the same AI tech that suggests friend if they want to be tagged in your own uploaded images.

The feature will notify users when their picture has been uploaded by anyone, anywhere on Facebook, without being tagged to them. The feature will also inform users with “visual impairments” if any other familiar face appears in their picture/video.

In this way Facebook Face Recognition Feature will allow you to find pictures you are in but not tagged in them. In other words, the feature will keep you aware of any strangers uploading your snaps without your permission. This is how this feature may work if allowed:


How to Enable Facebook Face Recognition Feature

Facebook has started pushing the details of the new feature in News Feeds and notification Panel of Pakistani users. Follow these simple steps to enable this handy feature on your Facebook profile:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your Facebook mobile app/desktop
  • Click on ‘More’ setting or ‘Advanced’ setting
  • Click on ‘Privacy Shortcuts’
  • Then go to ‘More Settings’
  • Choose ‘Face Recognition’
  • The option will appear ‘Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?’
  • Select ‘Yes’ to enable the feature