Facebook is well known for rolling out frequent updates for its apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and of course Facebook itself. For instance WhatsApp introduced “Delete for Everyone” earlier this month and rumoured to bring “Voice to Video Call Switch” and “YouTube Video Playback on WhatsApp” in coming days.

Likewise Facebook Messenger rolled out Real-Time Location Sharing feature back in March this year and now introduced long-awaited and the most interesting feature that enables users to share high-resolution images with others.

Facebook Messenger Shares High Resolution Images

You may have noticed until now that the images shared through Facebook Messenger get lower in quality and smaller in size. Besides this handicap, the properties of images like capture date, ISO and camera name also get removed. This is what we see with WhatsApp and other image sharing apps in the market.

One of the reason of intentional reduction in size seems to use lesser data and share images in quick time. But it also makes annoying for some users who want to send an original image to someone with its original properties and then they find another way to send it like email and Dropbox sharing.

This is Facebook Messenger that has come up to change the trend and enables you to share images up to 4,096 x 4,096 resolution from today. According to Facebook, people send more than 17 billion pictures a month on Messenger and the new feature is going to benefit all those users.

Facebook has also made it clear that the images will still be sent as quickly as they were being sent earlier. So Facebook might have introduced a new algorithm to reduce the file size or something like that what we don’t know so far.

Facebook has posted some sample photos to show how the new resolution will affect the photo sharing quality. The right sides of the photos are in 4K resolution while the left sides are with the old resolution.

How to Share High-Resolution Images

To be able to send  images in 4K resolution, you need to update your Messenger app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and then share the image normally by tapping the camera icon, as you do now.

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp also shrinks original images and reduces their quality to make sharing quicker. Now as Facebook has introduced high-resolution image sharing in Messenger, it might soon add the same ability to WhatsApp as well.

What do you think about the new feature added to Facebook Messenger?