Real-Time location Sharing is a phenomenon by which users can share their geo-location with their friends and family. Previously, Google had announced that the company is going to introduce its new feature of Real-Time Map Sharing for the Google Maps.

Now, Facebook has also revealed that it will advertise similar feature for its messenger app. Facebook named the feature as “Live Location” and claimed that it will be made available to the billions of users very soon.

Once you and your friends have enabled the feature, they’ll be allowed to automatically track you for up to 60 minutes continuously.

As you choose the drop off location then they will be informed your arrival time by a little timer. You can halt the working of feature anytime by selecting Stop Sharing.

The feature will display another clock which will indicate the maximum available time of location sharing option.

The feature’s option will be displayed in a row along with other options such as GIFs, games, Like and stickers. Initially, you will have to enable your location.

You can be able to share the static point on the map with you friends after the release of the feature.

In the upcoming update, the Android and iPhone users will be able to enjoy the feature.