Facebook has become the largest social media network resulting in the presence of everybody at one platform whether it’s your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, relatives or even your tailor, milkman, sweeper and whoever you encounter in daily life. At times, we have to accept one’s friend request even if we don’t want him/her to be in our friends list.

It gets more frustrated when a friend continues to express unnecessary opinions or shares annoying stuff. We feel helpless as we could not afford to unfollow or unfriend that person due some reasons as to unfollow someone seems like outing him/her from our lives as well.

Facebook Snooze

Facebook understands your difficulty and brings an easy solution as from today onwards you’ll have an option dubbed as “Snooze” that will help you to personalize your News Feed by snoozing any profile, including pages and groups you want to “unfriend” temporarily.

The new feature will enable you to snooze somebody for maximum of 30 days without unfollowing or unfriending. The Snoozed friend, page or group still remains in your friends list but disappears from your news feed for a month. You’ll have to hit the ‘Snooze’ button that can be accessed from the top-right drop-down list on a Facebook post.


As the expiry of the 30-day period approaches, you’ll be notified of the snoozed profiles with the option to either continue the Snooze for another 30-days or let it end. Facebook has also made it open to reverse the Snooze feature at any time.

This Snooze feature has already been rolled out to most users; we’ve checked. If you don’t see the option on your profile, update your Facebook app today.