The Fall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, latest flagship from South Korean tech giant, has met a truly tragic end today as the company officially confirmed to discontinue production and sale of their big gun. It is “The Fall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7”.

The story begins a month long ago when reports of exploding incidents of Note 7 made headlines around the globe. In response, Samsung started an unprecedented global recall program. The fresh sale of the “safe” gadget could not withstand too much as the same sort of incidents took place once again.

Samsung scheduled the release of Galaxy Note 7 ahead of iPhone 7 to give a tough competition but unfortunately something happened that should not be seen happening in future. One must say that Samsung did fail badly in creating an atmosphere of competition with Apple this time.

The Beginning of an End

As the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the story of past now, estimates suggest that Samsung may end up losing $20 billion in revenue. It is obviously a great loss but it certainly became unavoidable for the company right after the first explosion because the user safety was paramount.

A small percentage of devices in Samsung’s first run of Galaxy Note 7 handsets were found to have a battery defect that caused them to explode. Several people were injured as a result of the explosions, and one family’s house was even burnt to the ground.

Samsung did well in issuing a global recall to collect approximately 2.5 million potentially defective Galaxy Note 7 handsets that had been shipped to retail partners. The company moved as quickly as possible and was appreciated by the masses around the globe.

The company floated an offer to their users to exchange the defective handsets with fresh and “safe” devices or any other handset from Samsung. The company conducted investigation and shipped fresh lot in the market that was considered safe.

It was really shocking when shortly after replacement, multiple reports surfaced claiming that “safe” Note 7 phones were exploding. More than half a dozen such reports popped up in less than a week.

In response, Samsung on Monday night announced that it was temporarily halting Galaxy Note 7 sales while it conducted an investigation. Then, just hours later on Tuesday morning, the company announced that the phone was being discontinued. The Note 7 saga has finally come to an end.

What Samsung to do

The end of Note 7 should be considered the beginning for Samsung to pull their socks up and start collecting each and every item sold as customers swap them for different smartphones. The expense involved with this long and painful process must be borne by Samsung.

Finally, Samsung has a public relations and image crisis on its hands. Right now and for the weeks and months to come, people all across the globe will think of exploding smartphones each and every time they think of Samsung.

Although it is the fact that all smartphone models from all companies malfunction and combust on occasion but not as frequent as the Note 7 did, but it happens, even for iPhones, too. But now, each and every time this happens to any Samsung phone, it’ll be news that’s covered far and wide, opening old wounds in the process.

Market of iPhone 7

With the bad luck of Note 7, Samsung is no more with any other new adventure at least for months from now. This situation has left space open for Apple to market their top brand iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple shares reached 2016 highs on Monday for that very reason. Other Android vendors will likely benefit as well.

Future of Samsung

I must say the end of Note 7 is obviously not the end of Samsung. The company does make great products. This was an unfortunate situation where Note 7 is one device among hundreds from Samsung that ended up in a misery. The company will certainly continue to build and sell great products in the future.

Samsung is a big name and it has billions and billions of dollars at its disposal to help rebuild its image. The company has great minds behind planning, ensuring the same must not happen in future. If this had happened to a smaller company with limited resources like HTC, for example, it would likely have been far more disastrous.

The potential users of Samsung will surely remain uphold with the brand name in future, as people will forget quickly that has happened in past. This too shall pass, and perhaps it will encourage Samsung to take even more care when designing and building next year’s Galaxy S8 and other upcoming new smartphones.

Samsung must take a big hit as a result of its Galaxy Note 7 disaster, no other option. But this is hardly the end of the line for the company, obviously, and the sad news will vanish in the dust of time.


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