We are living in the technology-oriented era where something new pops up every day that not only attracts the elders but the minors as well. One of the most prominent examples is the extensive use of smartphones. The younger and the minor generations use smartphones just for fun.

There was a time when kids used to ask for toys, video games and then computers replaced everything. Nowadays, you shouldn’t be surprized if even your toddler demands a smartphone.

While parents can afford expensive gifts, like smartphones to their kids, they should keep it in mind that these devices can connect their kids to the digital world in a blink.

We all know that the digital world has both plusses and minuses; where it has the light of knowledge, socialization and entertainment on one end and the darkness of cyberbullying, pornography, extortion etc. all together on the other one.

Parental Monitoring App – The Solution

Here comes the real issue where we must consider the safety and security of our loved ones, especially kids, so that they don’t indulge in any kind of immoral activity while sitting in front of us and using smartphone. Being parents, guide them to the path of light with training, parental role and friendly relation.

As we mentioned earlier, kids use smartphones primarily just for fun but they can’t choose the right one on their own. In this scenario, parents can’t leave them alone to do experiments and risk their well-being. Spying is not the choice at all as it seems unethical.

So what is the best approach to keep an eye on your kids and make them take the right decision? You better to use parental controls for your kid’s digital activities. There are plenty of parental monitoring apps available for Android and iPhone users on Play Store and App Store, you may choose any one.


We have selected the best parental monitoring app – FamilyTime; new way for parents to manage content and time across all devices. Limit screen time, monitor & manage kid’s Cell Phone Activities like Location, Internet, Calls, App Blocking, Geo-Fencing & much more!

Let us have a closer look on the main features of the app.

Monitor Internet Use

Internet, the miracle of our age, can provide any type of information, anywhere and anytime, to your kids but at the same time it is fully capable of spoiling them as well. There are tons of websites spreading restricted content and no one among us wants that our kids see such type of content.

FamilyTime is an easy solution as you can see what sites your kid visits and even monitor the links saved to his Bookmarks.

Monitor Call Logs

Being parents, you have right to know whosoever calls your kid and who your kid calls back, whether occasionally or frequently. Believe me FamilyTime is a reliable smartphone monitoring app that will help you a lot with this curiosity.

You can also get access to their contacts and see if there is any suspicious stranger over there. Being a parent, you are certainly aware of your teen’s limited social circle, and you can identify an outsider easily. If there is some confusion, you can watchlist the stranger and get notified every time either party makes the contact.

Monitor Text

Parents can remotely monitor all text messages sent and received by their kids on their mobile devices with the help of this smart parental monitoring app. They can read all of such messages and easily establish an opinion about their smartphone usage.

If you reach the conclusion, that they are using their freedom with responsibility, you can let them use their phones; otherwise, you can take any corrective action.


Monitor Social Media Activities

As the teens love social media apps more than the basic cell phone texting, the parents can have a hawk’s eye on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook or any other social media app that has driven their kid totally mad.

Using this app they can see what apps their kids use and how long they stay stuck to these. Not only this, the web monitoring feature of the app enables parents to see what forums their kid has signed up with.

Control Geo-Fencing

You can monitor your kids’ location in real time and even get notified when he enters or leaves the places defined by you. You may add as many locations as you want, Geo-Fencing gives you unlimited opportunities of real-time tracking of your kids.

Control Device Access

You can have full control on your kids’ smartphone by limiting Screen Time. You can select one of the pre-defined rules such as Bed Time, Dinner Time, Homework Time or you can define your own rule.

More Features

This is a pretty much about the intro of this useful parental monitoring app. But FamilyTree packed of too many other features like App Blocker, Receive SOS Alerts, Receive Pick Me Up Alerts and much more. You can explore more options once you install FamilyTree on your smartphone.

Price Plans

You can use the free version of FamilyTime with limited features or you may opt to the premium one with exclusive features and live support. Think about safety of your kids not about a little money.


FamilyTime offers a 3-day free trial on its Premium package; check how FamilyTime works and and makes your tasks easy. You can select one of their pricing plans that suits you.


FamilyTime is available for Android and iPhone users on their respective stores.


Are you using any other parental monitoring app? If yes, share your views with others by writing your comments in the comment box below.