Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), the tax collecting body in Pakistan has launched a dedicated smartphone app to facilitate the tax payers. The app makes it possible to verify exemption certificates and chech certain malpractices.

The facility, launched by the Information Technology (IT) Wing of the board, has been placed at the website of the board which can be accessed through the web-link.

Benefits of FBR APP

The FBR application is expected to resolve the long-standing problem being faced by withholding agents. Moreover, the app would be helpful in putting an end to the practice of using fake exemption certificates to evade genuine tax liability.

Likewise, the facility will allow both, withholding agents and general public, to verify the authenticity of system generated exemption certificates on the basis of a bar code present on the certificate.

In case of a genuine exemption certificate, the screen would display information that would show registration number, name of taxpayer, tax year, section, date of issuance and validity date.

Future Plans

The IT wing of FBR plans to provide further verification services for notices and other orders as well through smartphone app. The extended verification facility that is expected to be available by the end of this year, would combine all existing and future verification services in one place on the FBR’s website. This initiative will facilitate taxpayers to check the genuineness of all correspondence with the board.


The FBR App is currently available for Android users only. Click here to download.