Smartphones have become ‘a basic need’ of today and transformed our daily life making us more social on five or six inch displays. Faster and cheaper internet packages have also played a vital role in making us smartphone-dependent.

The smartphone manufacturers are there trying to introduce some innovative and easy-to-use features attracting more and more customers. One of such features is the ‘fingerprint sensor’ that has made the security features of a smartphone more reliable and consistent.

Initially this unique feature remained out of reach from general public due to its presence in high-tech devices only with higher price tags. But later on some brands known for their lower price tags also started introducing fingerprint sensor in budget category of smartphones, making it accessible for everyone.

We have listed five of such smartphones available in Pakistan having fingerprint sensor but priced under PKR 17,000.

1- QMobile Noir S6 Plus


QMobile, the self-proclaimed number one smartphone brand of Pakistan, introduced QMobile Noir S6 Plus with a fingerprint sensor with the lowest price tag making it an affordable choice for customers.

The Noir S6 Plus having 5.5-inches display is powered by 1.3GHz Quad core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Smartphone boasts 8MP primary and 5Mp of front camera.

QMobile Noir S6 Plus is available across Pakistan with a price tag of PKR 12,000.

2- Infinix Hot 4


Infinix, a Hong Kong-based Mobile Phone Company started its operation in Pakistan last year with quality smartphones. Here we have selected the Infinix Hot 4, a budget smartphone with quite impressive specifications and features including a fingerprint sensor.

The Hot 4 features a 5.5-inches display and a 1.3GHz Quad-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

Infinix Hot 4 is priced at PKR 12,599 in Pakistan. The smartphone is available online at

3- QMobile Noir S6


QMobile has wide range of low-price smartphones with competitive specs. QMobile Noir S6 is one of the top and latest low budget smartphone by QMobile in Pakistan equipped with fingerprint sensor.

Design wise Noir S6 looks like iPhone 6 and its really adorable low-range smartphone carrying good enough specs like Quad-Core processor, 2GB RAM and 4.95-inches LCD display.

QMobile Noir S6 is available across Pakistan prices at PKR 12,750.

4- Infinix Hot 4 Pro 4G


Next to our line-up is Infinix Hot 4 Pro (4G), another cheap smartphone with a fingerprint sensor. The smartphone is little expensive than Hot 4 but it is still affordable.

The 5.5-inches device is loaded with the 1.3GHz Quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM.

The price tag for Infinix Hot 4 Pro 4G is published as PKR 14,599. You can buy this smartphone online on

5- Xiaomi Redmi 4x


Xiaomi is one of the leading Chinese smartphone company famous for its design and quality. Redmi 4x is one of the cheapest smartphones of the company, features a fingerprint sensor.

The Redmi 4x having 5-inches display is powered by 1.4GHz powerful processor along with 2GB of RAM & 16GB of internal storage. Basically, Xiaomi 4X comes in two variants, one is 2GB with 16GB and other is 3GB with 32GB. Here we are talking about the first one with 2GB.

The price label for Xiaomi Redmi 4x 2GB is PKR 16,249. Xiaomi Redmi 4x is available online at