We’ve seen several reports associated with the Galaxy Note 8 users last week claiming that their devices refused to charge once the battery hits zero percent – another battery related issue after the Note 7 demise last year.

Fresh reports claim that not only the  Note 8 users are facing this issue but also the owners of Galaxy S8 and S8+ are encountering the same problem.

The reports surfaced so far, point out to an issue where the battery gets completely discharged and not getting turn on again. While deep discharge takes some time to recover but the case of Samsung devices end up with complete collapse.

Samsung Responds to Note 8 Battery Issue

As the reports grew on from rare to frequent, the South Korean tech leader had to pay attention; and they do. The company shared details with PC World; saying:

Of course, Samsung is taking all reports of this kind seriously, we only received a very small number of customer inquiries that could be linked to charge management, and unfortunately we can only comment on the matter further if we have more detailed information about the affected devices.

If you have any questions about your device, please contact Samsung Customer Service at 06196 77 555 66 (costs according to the contractual partner’s terms for landline or mobile phone connections.) Service times: Monday to Friday: 8: 00-21: 00 clock, Saturday: 9: 00-17: 00 clock) or under:

The statement reveals that Samsung is not quite sure about the issue at the moment as the investigations are underway. It is recommended to ensure that the battery of Note 8 and duo of S8 does not die otherwise you may also become the ‘Samsung battery victim’.

As of this writing, there is no confirmation on whether the company is sending out replacement units.