Google’s default Android keyboard – Gboard will soon be able to suggest “Smart Reply” to its users. You may be familiar with the feature if you are a regular user of Gamil and Google Allo apps. Now Google seems to roll out the feature for its popular smartphone keyboard.

According to reports Google has already rolled out the Smart Reply feature in its Gboard beta update enabling some of the users to use the feature with a number of apps. The feature will become a helpful addition for Android users that may suggest a number of possible replies to any message. Users will only have to select the most suitable one and send with just a single tap.

In order to get more familiar, look at the below screenshots from a Gmail account. Those three text boxes below are automatically generated suggestions based on content of the email.


It is also learnt that the Smart Reply will also work as an in-app feature for the following apps to generate suggestion phrases above the typing line so you can reply in one go:

  • Android Messages
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Hangouts
  • Messenger Lite
  • WhatsApp
  • Tencent

As for now, no more details are available how the Smart Reply feature will look like in the notification bar as Google has only made it available for beta testers. However, the feature is considered to be a user-friendly addition.

How do you think about the new feature of Gboard? Would you like to use when it is officially rolled out to everyone?