The wait is over! Decision has been taken. The final match of the PSL 2017 will be held at Gaddfi Stadium Lahore on March 5, 2017. A number of high level meetings at the provincial capital ended with a great news for cricket-lovers. It means a lot of Pakistanis are going to witness the biggest cricketing event at home after about eight years.

Recent wave of terror attacks in Pakistan made the things uncertain about the venue of PSL final. Today, however, as you might have heard already, Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, finally took the decision and announced that PSL Final will be held in Lahore.

It has also been decided to beef up security for the remaining days till the PSL final and as many as 7,000 policemen will be guarding the stadium to ensure fool proof security arrangements on the big day.

PSL Final Tickets

While tickets are currently not put up on sale, everyone knows that they will be sold with-in no time. it is confirmed that PSL final tickets will go online any time starting today (Tuesday — Feb 28th, 2017). Keep visiting the link we shared below to be the first to grab your ticket online.


PSL Final Ticket Prices

The prices of PSL Final Tickets have been made official; Rs. 500, 4000, 8000 and 12000 per ticket depending on the enclosures.

Price Enclosure
Rs. 500 Sarfraz Nawaz Enclosure
Saeed Anwer Enclosure
Rs. 4,000 Imtiaz Ahmed Enclosure
Hanif Mohammad Enclosure
Zaheer Abbas Enclosure
Saeed Ahmed Enclosure
Majid Khan Enclosure
Inzemam ul haq Enclosure
Qaid’s Enclosure
Nazar Mohammad Enclosure
Rs. 8,000 Javed Miandad Enclosure
Raja’s Enclosure
Abdul Qadir Enclosure
A.H. Kardar Enclosure
Rs. 12,000 (Includes food serving) Imran Khan Enclosure
Fazal Mohammad Enclosure
Waqar Younis Enclosure (far end)
Waseem Akram Enclosure (far end)

Where to Buy PSL Final Tickets

It has been confirmed that the PSL Final Tickets will be sold by Q Tickets. Simply go to their official website and see if PSL Final tickets are made available or not — if you see the final tickets available, then go and grab them.

As an alternate, PSL final tickets will also be made available at retail outlets starting Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. But expect inflated prices (up to 3-4 times) on retail outlets or if you are buying these tickets unofficially from any third party.

Enjoy PSL Final!