You might have come across anonymous calls and SMS made on your mobile phone; may be adverts or fraudulent. Our advice is simple, don’t get trapped in prize and lottery scams or get afraid of threatening ones; just report such activities to the authorities concerned immediately.

Beware that such anonymous calls and SMSs can deprive you of your money. People are deceived and deprived of their hard earned money through fake text messages and phone calls from unknown numbers tempting them with attractive prizes, lotteries and plot or winning any draw.

On the other hand the marketing messages and calls from unwanted numbers displease the customers and snatch their right of privacy. PTA and other authorities have made it clear:

“Do not transfer any cash or mobile credit in response to call/ SMS from unknown numbers, failing which you will be responsible for any loss accruing from such frauds”

How to Get Rid of Fraudulent and Marketing Calls & SMS

Today I’ll tell you, how to lodge complaint and get rid of fraudulent and marketing calls & SMS. It is very simple; you don’t need to fill in a wide variety of complicated forms online but you can even register your complaint through SMS or call.

If you are facing any untoward situation, inform your telecom operator, FIA and PTA as per the following instructions:

  • Submit your cyber-crime complaint to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on their Helpline 9911 or 111-345-786.
  • You can either visit the official websites of National Response Centre for Cyber Crime or the Federal Investigation Agency to register your complaint online.
  • If you’ve got a threatening messages, report to PTA by sending an SMS to 9000 (write the message sender’s number space the received message). Your complaint will be reviewed.
  • If you’re getting extensive promotional messages, call your mobile operator to get rid of those and ask them to close their advertising messages.
  • If this does not work, send an SMS to 3627 by writing REG. You will be registered in the “Do Not Call Register” (DNCR); thus opting out of receiving the promotional messages.
  • When your mobile operator may resolve the problem you can disable this service by sending UNREG to 3627 through an SMS.
  • In case your complaint is not redressed call at PTA’s toll free helpline 0800-55055 or 051-9225325. You can even send an E-mail at

Share this with your friends and family to be informed of such scams and help PTA & FIA to get rid of culprits from the society.