Google Allo

Google has entered in the field of instant messaging with their new top brand app named “Google Allo”. If you are curious enough to know what is Google Allo and why it is different or far ahead than the existing ones, spare five minutes and read this article. In the end you’ll be able to know all the basics of Google Allo.

If you are a smartphone user and tech lover, you must have come across several instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Hangouts, Viber and many more.

Google has also entered the market with its revolutionary and more personalized new messaging app that boasts artificial intelligence system, as well as other new features such as end-to-end encryption, voice messages and sticker packs.

So, what is the app all about and how it is different from existing messenger applications that you have on your smart devices? Let’s find out:

Simple Signup and Gmail Sync

Just like WhatsApp, the process to sign up on Google Allo is pretty simple. It uses your mobile number, so you can use it to send instant messages to anyone in your phonebook along with other Allo users.

You can also sync your Gmail account with the app and keep track of mails and important meetings with built-in AL powered by Google Assistant. This feature makes Google Allo unique.

App Interface and Design

Google always keeps the interface of all their products simple and user-friendly. If you are a regular Google user, it won’t take long to familiarize the app’s interface, settings and features. The overall interface is pretty basic and seamless for any user to get familiar with.

Google claims, “Allo is a smarter messaging app, with machine intelligence and our natural language processing advances from search. Smart reply – which we first built for Inbox gives real time suggestions to quickly reply to a message based on your responses, and it learns over time.”


Google has incorporated incognito mode in the Google Allo – an option to encrypt your messages. It means that your text messages will not be logged and the chat gets fully encrypted. However, you’ll have to compromise some smart features while using incognito mode.

The end-to-end encryption and private notifications will help to keep your messages safe as well as total control how and when to permanently delete them from your device. In this way you get additional control over the privacy of your chats.

Smart Reply

One of the well-noted, distinctive and interesting features of Allo is its ability to send smart replies. This option is new and unique in any instant messaging app – even WhatsApp is lacking this feature at the moment.

However, smart replies can take a week of training for someone to make the most of this feature. When you get complete familiar with Smart Reply, you’ll be able to respond a picture or message from within the app generated replies. You’ll have to choose the right one describing your emotions.

Google Assistant

Google Allo is there with a built-in virtual assistant for you. You can call on Google Assistant at any time just by typing “@google” in Allo. For example, if you and your friend are making plans to visit a Chinese restaurant in your area, you can simply type in your query in the chat window to bring up these results. Google Assistant will proactively suggest options to your queries at the bottom of the app’s messaging window.

Wow, it’s great as you are not to leave the messaging app to do a quick Google search for your favourite restaurants, Coldplay concert details, movie time and so on. You can simply copy the information from the bottom window to your chat window and share it with your friends. Allo’s Google Assistant can get everything done in the app itself.

Try Google Allo

You might want to give it a try for the amazing set of new and powerful features Google Allo has to offer. Most distinctive features have been described above…and all of it is available totally free of cost.

Click Here to download Google Allo for Android smartphones.

Click Here to download Google Allo for iPhone.

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