Google has decided to abandon Google Plus services on April 2nd this year. Not to mention that the Google Plus was meant to be as direct competitor to other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter but miserably failed to attract customers over the years.

The announcement was published by the search engine through its official blog post that reveals the start of removing all content on the Google Plus platform including photos, videos, pages and anything else on the site. Additionally, all Google Plus APIs will be vanquished as well on March 7th.

It is important to mention that Google had a bitter experience as far as the Google Plus is concerned. Therefore, the decision of quitting the non-profiting services had become the need of the time; though with teary eyes.

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Google Plus proved to be the most vulnerable service by Google mainly because of its unimpressive performance and prevalent security flaws. One such flaws was the bug that was allowing third-parties to access user data such as full names, email addresses, gender data and profile pictures since 2015 until Google finally got around to dealing with it in March 2018. While this was certainly bad enough, the fact that Google decided not to inform the public about it was simply terrible.

Therefore, Google’s social network has not only been more or less irrelevant when pitted against the likes of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, but it has been a liability both for Google and its users.

What to Do?

If you have been an old fan of the Google’s social media platform, it is important for you to think downloading and saving your personal content elsewhere before the deadline arrives.