With the launch of Google Allo – new instant messaging app from world’s top search engine, the echo of Google Assistant can be heard every now and then. What is Google Assistant and what can it do for me? A number of questions and queries are laying apart.

it is the universal truth that the Google search is the most widely used interface of Google right now. The company has simply modified and added some “artificial intelligence” to make it more interactive and user friendly in the shape of Google Assistant.

One can say the knowledge of Google and the user-based intelligence has made Google Assistant an awesome addition in Google inventory. At the moment, the Google Assistant is in “preview edition”; it will really shine when Google Home finally launches later this year on Pixel phones.

More Interactive

The currently used Google search commands are pretty standard stuff. Google Assistant has moved apart and can interact with you more intelligently, sometimes guessing your next question.

Experience the most amazing experience by installing Google Allo on your Android and iPhone and start chatting with your virtual secretary – Google Assistant. Here are a few new things you can try with Google Assistant:

Remembers Your Personal Stuff

One of the amazing stuff is the ability to remember information for you. You can ask Google Assistant to memorize your personal information, like your personal color, favourite book, movie or hobby. You can even reveal your password combinations, if you ask the app to memorize. It is simply awesome!


Your Local Weather Subscriptions

Another attractive feature is free subscriptions for things like weather and news. If you are interested, the app will suggest you the daily subscriptions and ask you the most appropriate time to let you inform about weather and news. You can even subscribe for daily poems, quotes and a lot more.


Game Information

The Google Assistant will let you know about upcoming events and fixtures of your favourite game and team. I asked it about Pakistan cricket team, it told me not only the upcoming match but also the result of last encounter.


If you are getting bored, the Assistant has some fun stuff built-in for you. You can ask to play a game. It will ask your choice from Chat games, Quiz games, Doodle games, and Classic games.

The Chat games are mostly emoji puzzles. Quiz games are pretty self-explanatory. Doodle games are the games that have been featured as the Google Doodle of the day. Classic games include solitaire and tic-tac-toe.

They can all be played inside of Allo.

Bright Future

These are only a few things that Google Assistant can do for you but believe me it is even more promising. Explore and find out yourself. It looks like you are chatting with a human on the other end.

If you get involved with Google Assistant, you’ll never be bored. You’ll feel that you are living in future and you have a long way to go. However, the full potential will be experienced with the arrival of most waited projects from Google – Pixel phones and Google Home Launcher.


Share your experience with your own personal assistant in the comment box below.