Google provides an easy way to restore your Android device while keeping an online backup of your Android data on Google Drive. We have already shared with our readers that Google has announced to terminate Google Drive support for PC and Mac starting from December this year while permanent shutting down on March 12 next year.

Here comes another alarming news that if the Android device associated with your Google account has been inactive for two months, all backup data will be deleted automatically with no option to restore. This might be a breaking news for you but it is true that your data will be backed up only if you use an Android device on a regular basis.

The Deadline


When an Android device has been inactive for two weeks, an expiration date appears below the backup data. It is a sort of countdown timer that tells us how much we have left before the data disappears automatically. The only way to stop the countdown is to use the Android device before the countdown finishes. The expiration date is about two months after the inactivity of the phone.

This isn’t a fun situation, but Google does state in its support documents that your backups will be deleted at some point. If you don’t use your device for two weeks, you’ll begin to see a countdown in Google Drive, where your backups are stored. You can reset the timer by powering up your device, but if you can’t, you might be out of luck.

Can Data be Restored?

This is probably the saddest part, if the data is lost there is no way of recovering it. Once deleted, all your data as well as settings disappear for the rest of eternity. For users who rely heavily on Google services, this has indeed been a painful revelation. The only way to get rid of this terrible situation is to keep checking in to the servers so that your data should remain fine and intact. 

Unfortunately for Android users, Google doesn’t offer an iTunes-style backup service that Apple users can benefit from. iOS device users need only connect their device to a PC or Mac to take a complete system backup via iTunes.

The Android device backup service isn’t as comprehensive, but backup data from compatible apps and things like Wi-Fi passwords are important. Thankfully, photos, documents and other such personal data is not subject to the same two-month limitation.

Unfair Practice?

Many companies get rid of the unused data which comes with clear warnings but Google on the other hand gives no clear warning. Google does not advertise this feature well which can cost some people some serious damage.

So be careful and remember to always check in with your Android device at least once a month.