Google Lens is an object orientation utility that made its debut through Pixel devices and recently rolled out an update to appear on Non-Pixel Android smartphones. Google made a hint at that time that Google Lens would soon be available for iOS users and it happens now as Google Photos version 3.15 sports the feature.

Google Lens comes into play by recognizing an object captured through camera and displaying information available on the web to let user know more about the object. The Lens currently works on an array of objects including books, landmarks, buildings, business cards, plants, billboards, flyers, animals and paintings in a museum.

When a user takes a photo that contains a contact number or an address, Lens enables you to save this information as a contact on your phone. Similarly, flyers and billboards containing information about events can also be logged into a calendar. For photographs of books, the lens will prompt reviews and details about the author.

How to Use Google Lens on iOS?

Be noted that the Google Lens will only work on your iOS device if you have updated the Google Photos app to the latest version and your device language is set to English. Here is how to use Google Lens on an Apple device:

  • Launch the Google Photos app.
  • Select a photo you want to view information about.
  • Tap the Google Lens icon.
  • View the details or take an action.