Google Maps is one of the most widely used apps developed by the search engine. Google continuously adds useful features to its apps and Google Maps is not an exception at all. Earlier update enabled you to remember your parking location on Google Map whereas this new update of Google Maps brings videos accompanied by images to the places of your interest.

Although ratings and photos describe any place in detail but added video feature will make it more interesting, especially for those who have never visited that particular place. The businesses around will surely get more benefit by adding videos on Google Maps and attracting more customers therein.

How it Works?

As Google makes its apps user friendly and easy to use, there is no complexity in adding video to Google Maps as well. When you select a place on map, already available “Add a photo” option will get a support to record a video of 10 seconds duration.

To record or upload videos to Google Maps, you’ll have to search for and select a place in Google Maps, scroll down and tap “add a photo,” tap the “Camera” icon and then hold the shutter to record and upload on Google Maps with a little description.


Alternatively, they can also post videos up to 30 seconds duration from their camera rolls by tapping ‘Folder’ and selecting a video to upload.

Who Can Use?

The process is available to people in Google Maps Local Guides program (a community of users who share tips and photos about places on the Maps app). Although it was made available a couple of weeks ago but a notification is being sent via email only now. As a reward, Local Guides get seven points for each video that they upload as an incentive.

However it is also heard that Mountain View plans to partner with businesses and encourage them to upload videos themselves showcasing their services the way they want. After all, Local Guides can only cover so much and can only give an outside-in view of places they visit.

The feature is already rolling out to Google Maps users throughout the globe. However, it is currently available for Android users, though, it should come to other platforms sooner rather than later. You can use the feature only if you’re signed up as a Local Guide.