Google is always there to launch innovative apps and features facilitating the masses. One of the widely used app – Google Maps has been helping users with an automatic parking detection feature in the past. The app has now rolled out yet another update making the whole phenomenon simpler and more convenient.

Thanks to Parking Assist making it easier to find and remember your parking spot even in a jungle of cars! After the successful beta testing the new feature has been officially rolled out for all. You are only required to enable location on your smartphone – Anroid or iPhone.

For this feature to work you must enable location on your device. You will have to simply open Google Maps and tap on ‘Save your Parking’ to save the spot. Users can even add in details such as rows or section numbers and nearby landmarks to let them find the car on the way back.

Custom notes can also be added and you can send a screenshot to friends so they can know where you are parked waiting for them to reach you. Moreover, if you’re parked at a timed spot that overcharges you after a certain time you can set for how long you want to park your car and the app will notify you 15 minutes before the time you entered.

Here is how you can use this obliging feature on your smartphone:

Android Users

Once you are parked at your location, open up Google maps and tap on the blue dot (as seen in the picture below).


Then tap on “Save your parking” which will drop a pin at the location. You can also add labels or notes to the location, for example, “3rd floor, 35C” or add a timer if the parking is metered with a reminder 5-10 minutes before the meter expires.

Additionally, you can take a photo of the parking spot and save it or share the parking location with your friends.

Download Google Maps from here.

iPhone Users

It works the same way on iPhone as well (simply tap on the blue dot to save location, add pictures, notes, reminders etc.).


An added perk on the iOS app, however, is the automatic parking detection. If you connect your iPhone to your car through Bluetooth or USB audio, your parking spot will be saved automatically when you disconnect your phone and leave your car.

Download Google Maps from here.