Taking selfies with a stolen smartphone priced the robbers in Karachi as two street criminals were captured by the law enforcement authorities when their “victory selfie” was uploaded to Google Photos.

As per details, two men identified as Nadeem and Majid are accused of robbing a woman, Erum Altaf, in Badar Commercial Area, DHA Karachi on December 27th last year. An FIR of the incident was registered two days after the incident.

Here comes a funny twist to the story, when apparently, after robbing Erum, the criminals celebrated the fact with a series of selfies and pictures from the stolen camera, failing to realize that all the pictures would automatically be uploaded to the victim’s Google account as soon as it had access to a data connection.

The police was notified and criminals were soon identified and located with the help of NADRA. Police recovered the stolen phone along with other snatched items and illegal weapons, from their possession. The criminals are now behind the bars and the stolen items have been returned to their rightful owners. Thanks to Google Photos!

Not to mention that Google Photos is one of the most popular media storing and sharing site that allows users to automatically upload every captured picture and recorded video from their device to their Google account. The service comes pre-installed on most modern Android smartphones and allows unlimited storage for new photos and videos.

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