Google Photos – More Smart Features Added

Google Photos is a widespread photo/video storage and sharing app from the world’s largest search engine. The app is equally popular among Android and iOS users. The recent update has added more smart features in the Google Photos making it more attractive and striking for its users.

The newest release has added four new features powered by Google’s machine learning capabilities.The new version has been rolled out in the Play Store and App Store, making it easier to fix some of the troublesome slanting photos in your library by suggesting rotations and other animations to make them good looking.

“Google Photos will now help you rediscover old memories of the people in your most recent photos. As your photo library continues to grow, we hope that features like this one make it easier to look back at your fondest memories,” said Google.

Google Photos – More Smart Features

Google says it is relying on Machine Learning to figure out new tasks in the Photos apps and the suggestions would show up on the Google Assistant tab in the app.

The Google Assistant can be found at the bottom of the Google Photos app that can be tapped for help and shows automatically created cards and videos.

Here’s a look at the new features of Google Photos:

Rediscover Old Memories

Google Photos is now capable to help you rediscover old memories of people who are in your most recent snaps. It will surface old photos of those who you’ve photographed recently – you’ll see these in a “Rediscover your memories” card.

If you have pictures with one particular person, like say your spouse in the recent weeks, Google Photos will now organise them together and show as one card.


It sounds similar to how Apple’s Photos app is creating stylised albums called Memories. Google’s blog post says, “As your photo library continues to grow, we hope that features like this one make it easier to look back at your fondest memories.”


Google Photos continuously monitors your gallery to create something new from your shots that you may share with your friends and family. The app makes Ecards by collaborating some of your awesome memories in one place.


For example, if you take a lot of photos of your kids, you may occasionally get a card showing the best ones from the last month.

Slideshows from Videos

One of the more interesting features of Google Photos is its ability to automatically create slideshow animations from your best photos over the time. The newest update enables the app to make animations from the best parts of your videos, too.


Google says it won’t just use any random video, but “segments that capture activity — a jump into the pool, or even just an adorable smile — and create short animations that are easy to share.” So clearly some thinking will go into making this GIFs.

Fixing Sideways Images

The new feature added to the Google Photos is the capability to fix your sideways images. In this case the app identifies such photos in your library and a card is popped up suggesting you an easy way to put them right.

Might be helpful for older photos you might have in your digital collection from the pre-smartphone days.



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