Google Tango

Google, the leading tech giant in the world, had been working on a new technology – Google Tango – for the last three years or so. They have now officially announced the successful trials and eager to launch later this year.

Google Tango uses computer vision (no GPRS!) to help devices detect their relative positions. The overlay of objects is basically augmented reality that maps stuff you see on to virtual 3D worlds. In simple words, Google Tango is a camera setup that makes your smartphone aware of its surrounding.

What is Google Tango?

Can your smartphone tell you where is the nearest exit door of a building you are standing in? Can your smartphone help in deciding whether the couch you are looking at in the market will fit in your apartment? Definitely NO, at the moment, but this all will be possible once you use Google Tango on your smartphone.

Our smartphones are capable of navigating us from one side of the country to the other because they know where we are exactly standing in the world but they don’t know where we are standing in a room. Isn’t it?

Scope of Google Tango

Google Tango will help the user in answering a new set of questions about the world. For example if you’re shopping for a new bed, Tango lets you view your bedroom through your phone and visualize different options—even walk around the virtual furniture like it’s actually there.

With a Tango-enabled smartphone, you also have a toy box, a solar system and a pet shop in your pocket. You can play with a huge set of dominoes, explore the planets, defend yourself from invading aliens or feed your virtual dog—all through your smartphone. The best part is that you don’t have to clean up afterwards!

However, there is a lot still to be said about the accuracy of Google Tango. People who have had an early hands-on experience say that it is currently accurate to about half an inch. But once you can get past this, Tango actually offers great Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, better indoor navigation and some of the most interactive games one can play!


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