The new version of Android OS is around the corner as Google has formally announced 6 new exciting features of the beta version of Android 9.0 or Android P at the ongoing Google I/O Developer Conference 2018 being held in California, USA.

Though, the tech giant hasn’t taken the curtains off from the codename of the new Android version but its announced features are interesting enough to talk about.

New Home Indicator and Swipe Features

As the upcoming Android One and Google Pixel 3 are reported to bring a new home bar indicator at the bottom so Google has confirmed by adding the support for software in the upcoming Android P. The recent app button duties are taken over by a swipe-up gesture such as swiping on the elliptical indicator serves as a scroller although there is still a back key on the new navigation bar.




Adaptive Battery

Although this feature has been on Android overlays for ages but with Android P, Google is implements the adaptive battery feature on a system level to really improve the battery life. The revamped feature will now be able to prevent apps from going rogue on power draw.

Manual Rotation

I personally believe that the auto-rotate is a bit annoying feature that I always do switch off. Thanks to Android P that will bring a halt to this and alternatively an indicator will appear at the navigation bar to control rotation manually.




Android P brings an innovative ‘Slices’ feature that would enable users to pop a part of an app right when they need it most. Google claims that Slices will alternatively give users an option to have a deeper look into their favourite apps.




Digital Wellbeing

The Android P also brings ‘Digital Wellbeing’ project that consists of a dashboard highlighting users’ activity like time spent in apps, the phone unlocks and important notifications. There is also an App Timer option that enables users to set a timer for app usage.



App Actions

Android P will prove to be intelligent enough while predicting what you’ll do next or do most often. Thanks to App Actions feature that loads those apps for instant access in the background. For example, when you connect your earphones to your smartphone, the system will automatically open Google Play Music playlist.

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