Google, the tech giant, has made the Google Voice Search more powerful by adding support of 30 more languages including Urdu – the National Language of Pakistan.

The Voice Neural Machine Learning has been an area of continuous investment for Google, and their recent efforts will go a long way in popularizing voice-based commands to millions of speakers from many corners of the globe.

The recent update has made it possible to speak to your Android smartphone in Urdu for voice search and the phone will understand exactly what you said. That means you can now make phone calls, pull up search results, recipes and more. All by just speaking commands in Urdu.

Earlier Google has rolled out Urdu language support for Gboard and later on yet another utility that converts Roman Urdu into Regular Urdu.

Newly Added Languages

Google has added 30 more languages to the Google voice Search engine including the following regional ones from South Asia. The new languages will be available in Gboard, Google Translate etc. and can be used by enabling Voice Search feature only.

  • Bengali (Bangladesh, India)
  • Gujarati (India)
  • Kannada (India)
  • Malayalam (India)
  • Marathi (India)
  • Nepali (Nepal)
  • Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
  • Tamil (India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia)
  • Telugu (India)
  • Urdu (Pakistan, India

How to Type on Gboard with Your Voice

Using voice to dictate a message is not just convenient, but also up to three times faster than typing. That’s why voice typing on Gboard can be helpful to send any kind of message from your phone–from responding to emails on the go, to sending texts to friends on messaging apps.

For instance, if you’re stuck in traffic on your way home and want to send your family a message, you can just use voice input through Gboard on Android to let them know that you’ll be a bit late for dinner.

To enable Voice Typing in your keyboard, install Gboard from the Play Store and pick your language (press the G in the suggestion strip and select the Settings wheel). Then just tap the microphone to start speaking.

How to Search with Your Voice

With the latest update, searching for stuff on your phone in Urdu will get easier and faster. Now you can just talk to your phone to search for something and don’t need to fiddle with a tiny keyboard.

For instance if you’re on the road to Lahore, looking for local cuisine, you can just ask for “restaurants that feature tandoori cuisine” in any one of the newly launched languages, and the Google App will display the search results.

To search with your voice in Urdu or any other supported language, open the Google app and pick your language in the Voice settings menu (tap the top-left menu and go to Settings, then pick Voice and select your language).