More ventures are being introduced in countries like Pakistan where public transport remained a troublesome for quite a long time with the advancement of technology.

‘The Green Wheels’ – a Chinese company has come up with a battery-powered hybrid rickshaw Wi-Fi. This rickshaw will facilitate customers to cover 50km distance with speed of 60km per hour. The rickshaw is equipped with power of 200cc which can easily cover 70 on its battery.

Some other functions of this rickshaw other than Wi-Fi include the tracker system as well. It has comfortable seats and doors so that riders can easily use Wi-Fi while traveling on it.

Muhammad Ayaz, the director of company said that: “The latest model is an environmental friendly model which will not produce any smoke.”


The approximate price of this rickshaw is Rs. 400,000. It is worth mentioning that the rickshaw received quite overwhelming response at the “Pakistan Auto Show 2017”. The local investors already started pre-orders of The Green Wheels rickshaw during the show.