The Hajj season is about to start as the first Hajj flight is scheduled to take off on July 24 followed by many others. Although government of Pakistan has taken a number of measures to facilitate pilgrims at the holy sites but the fraudulent travel agents remained the black patch of the whole scenario.

This year the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony has taken a much-needed initiative to curb this issue. It has started the Hajj SMS service to protect Hajj pilgrims from fraudulent, unauthorized and bogus Hajj tour operators.

You can now find out a tour operator’s details by sending an SMS to 8331

A ministry spokesperson further explained that people performing Hajj through a Haj Group Organizer (HGO), can also send the first four digits of the HGO’s enrollment to 8331 in order to verify the legitimacy of the particular HGO.

The SMS response will contain all the details regarding the enrollment status of HGO. Moreover, it will also enclose the name of CEO, allotted quota and address.

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To confirm the quota status of HGO, people can also contact the Ministry and the relevant departments on the following numbers:

  • 051-9207579
  • 051-9205212
  • 054-9205427

The ministry has further requested pilgrims not to sign any contract or agreement with any Hajj tour operator before confirming their enrollment status. If there are any complaints, the ministry also has an electronic monitoring system in place to resolve issues during Hajj days.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony certainly has taken a step towards the right direction and we hope the pilgrims will face less hurdles this time around.