Huawei, the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, has recently launched the P20 series with triple camera setup showing the enthusiasm of the Chinese tech giant in bringing the innovative products with surprising features.

Fresh reports reveal that Huawei is passionate enough to prove its technological might one more time by introducing the world’s first ‘foldable’ phone. This was officially shared by Huawei last year at the eve of launching Mate 10.

As per details, a Dutch publication LetsGoDigital, has shared a figure that is said to be the patent design of Huawei’s upcoming foldable smartphone. The figure shows a smartphone with a connecting platform of a sort in the middle that folds up to a full 90 degree on both sides.

If the patent design comes reality, the Huawei’s foldable phone will be quite different from ZTE Axon M. It would not feature two separate displays but one single display that can be ‘folded’.

That means one might open and close the smartphone like a book. Thanks to the innovative mechanism, the smartphone will be able to transform into a tablet while it is unfolded and obviously become normal-sized smartphone when folded.


The patent does not show how the device will work while it is folded, so we still do not know if it will have an external display or just some indicators to show important info such as time, battery charge, and notifications.

The patent states:

Provided are a mobile terminal folding mechanism and a mobile terminal. The folding mechanism comprises a soft supporting structure and a hard supporting structure embedded in the soft supporting structure. The folding mechanisms composed of the soft supporting structure and the hard supporting structure embedded on the soft supporting structure is used as a component for connecting a first shell and a second shell. 

When the mobile terminal is deployed, the folding mechanism formed by the soft supporting structure and the hard supporting structure is expanded into a flat-plate structure connected with the first shell and the second shell.

Although Huawei’s patent makes it seem like the future is near but the idea is solely on paper as Huawei has not yet said anything officially about the exposure of physical prototype. This paired with the fact that experts predict a very low durability rate of such foldable displays might prove as a huge hurdle in the path of Huawei.

There is no clear indication as to when the mobile will be available to the public but industry experts are forecasting a neck-to-neck race between the top 3 manufacturers, i.e. Samsung, Apple and Huawei.