Smartphones are evolving with the passage of time to replace DSLR cameras as we have seen a number of manufacturers focusing on camera features of their brands. A new concept of dual camera setup on front and rear of smartphones was introduced in 2017.

Although no big name was seen in the list except for Honor brand by Huawei but Nokia has been reported doing something extraordinary to bring five-camera setup at the rear of next flagship device; possibly Nokia 10.

We’ve seen Nokia brand delivering some of the best camera devices over the years like N95, 808 PureView in olden days and the Lumia 1020 in smartphone arena.

nokia-penta-camera-setupIt seems that Nokia is all set to surprise everyone in coming months as the brand is in the rumors that HMD Global and Foxconn are working on a project to bring five-camera setup on a Nokia phone having circular camera housing.

As per details surfaced so far, there will be seven holes in total arranged within a circle; five of those to hold a sensor each while the other two to house the LED flash; looking very much like a showerhead. Critics assume to see camera features very similar to the Nokia OZO camera (which has eight lenses) but slimmed down to fit in a smartphone’s case.

Nokia OZO Camera with 8 Lens

If the rumors are true, then we are very near to witness a phone with 6 or 7 cameras in total (supposedly, single or dual-lens on the front). Though, there are no more details as for now about the functioning of sensors but sources claim that if Foxconn is able to find a way of mass production, we may see this spectacular phone launch later this year.

What do you think of a phone with five camera setup on the rear and dual lens on the front? Should it be called a ‘phone with camera’ or ‘camera with phone’? Express yourself in the Comment Section below.