We have seen the famous Nokia brand revived by HMD Global in early 2017 by introducing Android-based smartphones along with the iconic Nokia 3310. It appears that the firm has plans to go ahead and launch the ‘Nokia Asha’ brand in near future as it has trademarked the moniker with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Earlier, when Microsoft – the software tech giant acquired the mobile division of Nokia, it had also received the Asha brand that was quite popular in emerging markets. However, Microsoft decided to null the Asha series of phones because it competed with its low-priced Lumia phones such as the Lumia 435. Later on, while acquiring the Nokia brand from Microsoft, HMD Global has also bagged the Nokia Asha series.

Since Asha brand included low-priced feature phones, it seems that HMD Global is interested in launching such phones because it has trademarked the brand. However, since there is no information available on the deal that may have happened between HMD Global and Microsoft to get the Asha brand name, therefore there is no confirmation on whether it will be launching Asha series of phones.

We’ve shared earlier that HMD Global is reportedly working on unveiling the Nokia 3310 4G in coming weeks along with a feature phone having model number TA-1047. Will it be the new Asha phone? We are not quite sure but expect to reveal more information in coming days.

Stay tuned to follow the story as and when unfolded.