The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has recently developed and introduced a Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) to facilitate customers in purchasing PTA approved handsets. The system is designed to block smuggled, stolen and duplicate mobile phones in the country.

The DIRBS allows customers to verify IMEI number of their mobile devices to ensure that those are genuine, legally imported with all applicable duties and taxes paid and compliant to PTS regulations and SOPs.

PTA has highlighted on its official webpage that customers can verify their handsets using one the three options listed below. However, they initially need to know the IMEI of the device by dialling *06# from the handset.


  • Visit PTA website by clicking here and enter the IMEI to know authenticity of the device.
  • Send an SMS by writing IMEI of the device to 8484. System will respond shortly and if your mobile device is verified, you’ll get an SMS “IMEI is compliant”
  • Download DIRBS app on your Android device and check live status of the IMEI over there.

If you are purchasing a new device, it is recommended to match the IMEI appearing on the display to that printed on the box.