Today, when COVID-19 or coronavirus gets uncontrolled throughout the globe, the increased number of cases might have made you extra precautionary. You might be washing your hands every now and then and trying not to touch your faces; considered as one of the general precautions against coronavirus.

Do you really think that is enough for you and your health? If yes, then I am sorry; you are wrong. You have neglected one of the most vulnerable companion of your life and almost an extension of our hands – your mobile phone. Interestingly, many of us don’t even bother to clean them at all thus making them much dirtier than we might think.

On January 17th this year, ZDNet put a simple question on twitter asking people how often do they clean mobile phones. The results were unbelievable; 60 percent of the audience admitted that they never cleaned their phones. Only 18.5 percent of the people said that they clean their phones once a week whereas 7.4% preferred to clean their mobile phones after being sick.

Daniel R. Kuritzkes, chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, explains:

“It is possible, theoretically, for us to live on a smartphone. If you had it out and someone sneezed or coughed on it, and then you handled the phone, you could pick up infection that way.”

Emma Hayhurst, a microbiologist at the University of South Wales, says:

“We don’t need to be obsessively washing our phones right now. If people are coming into contact with coronavirus patients, then, yes. Wash your phone all the time. Not because there is evidence that it will transmit via phone but because there is no evidence that it won’t.”

How to Clean Mobile Phones to Avoid Coronavirus

Regular cleaning of your products, your surroundings and yourself depicts you as a healthy person. Taking into consideration the widespread of COVID-19, this becomes even more important to clean your personal belongings – especially mobile phones. Let us share a few tips to clean mobile phones to avoid coronavirus.

Isopropyl Alcohol

As mobile phones (especially smartphones) are delicate in nature, therefore it is not feasible to use generic cleaning products to clean them. This practice may harm them and damage the coating of their screens. However, sanitizer wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol are considered safe to be used on mobile phone screens.

If you don’t have those handy, you may use a damp cloth with disinfectant or an alcohol-based solution to clean your mobile phone. However, make sure you don’t let any drop of liquid seep into the ports.

Water and Soap

In case you don’t have access to alcohol wipes, swabs, and disinfectant, you can also go for the basic water and soap method. Just be careful with the amount of water you use so that it doesn’t get into the phone’s ports. This method is recommended for people with waterproof (or water resistant) devices.

All you need is Lint-free cloth like a microfiber, water, cotton swabs and handwash (preferable Dettol based). Follow these steps to clean your device properly:

  • Turn the phone off and remove any attachments.
  • Make a soap solution in any container with warm water.
  • Wet the cloth in the solution, drain it and wipe down the phone (avoid ports and buttons).
  • Use dry cotton swabs to soak in any water that made its way to the ports and other openings.
  • Let the phone dry thoroughly before turning it on.

Remember the Case

Before putting the case back on the phone, wipe it inside out and let it dry completely. If you have a plastic or silicone case, you can even wash it under running water for 20 seconds.

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