It is not only Samsung that bears battery related issues with its high-end smartphones but HP is also on the same track; at least for its laptops and mobile workstations. The recent announcement suggests that some of the HP laptops sold from December 2015 to December 2017 are vulnerable to overheating or even melting.

If you have the HP laptop purchased in the above time span, it is time to worry about your safety as company has officially issued a global battery recall notice on Thursday for a number of its laptops and mobile workstation over battery concern which could be a fire hazard.

HP decided to prompt the recall notice following eight cases of battery overheating or melting of HP laptops. One of those incidents caused first degree burns to user’s hand and in three different cases the battery fire caused the property damage.

Recalled Devices

The devices that are being recalled include:

ProBook HP Probook 640 G2 HP ProBook 640 G3
HP ProBook 645 G2 HP ProBook 645 G3
HP ProBook 650 G2 HP ProBook 650 G3
HP ProBook 655 G2 HP ProBook 655 G3
ZBook HP ZBook 17 G3 HP ZBook 17 G4
HP ZBook Studio G3
x360 HP x360 310 G2
Pavilion HP Pavilion x360
Envy HP ENVY m6
11 HP 11 Notebook PC

What to Do?

Don’t be panic if you own one of the above models, just visit HP’s official webpage and download the HP Battery Validation Utility to check whether your laptop’s battery is affected. You can find instructions to enable Battery Safety Mode if the battery of your HP laptop declared hazardous through validation check.

According to company, around 0.1% of HP laptops sold between the last two years are affected because of the battery flaw. The Global Recall Notice further says:

Many of these batteries are internal to the system, which means they are not customer replaceable. HP is providing battery replacement services by an authorized technician at no cost. HP is also providing a BIOS update that places the battery in “Battery Safety Mode” so that the notebook or workstation can be safely used without the battery by connecting to an HP power adaptor. Batteries affected by this recall should immediately be put into “Battery Safety Mode”.

Interestingly, the company recalled thousands of laptop batteries at the start of 2017 as well over fire concerns. Maybe it has started to become a new year tradition, we hope not.