Smartphone technology is evolving day by day and we’ve already come across the bezelless displays covering almost 90% of the front panels. Meanwhile, another development in the field of display panels is the concept of Foldable Smartphones that may be folded like a paper.

Many of the big names including Samsung, LG and Apple are there in the field while the recent report suggests that Huawei may bring the first foldable smartphone by the end of this year.

Huawei Foldable Smartphone

Although Samsung had been in rumors for quite long working on the foldable panels but it seems that the Chinese tech giant may lead the race not only beating the South Korean tech giant but also Apple that is rumoured to bring the foldable iPhone in 2020. This has been reported by the South Korean media that Huawei is planning to unveil the world’s first foldable smartphone in November this year.

The report claims that the upcoming foldable smartphone by Huawei will support an “inward” folding design in contrast to the Samsung’s “fold-back” scheme. Few days back a patent of foldable phone filed by Huawei was published by WIPO that includes images of what Huawei has in mind.

Samsung, on the other hand, has been in headlines for the last couple of years with numerous patents filed by the South Korean tech leader. However, Samsung has yet not revealed the roadmap for the launch of foldable smartphone that is supposed to be the Galaxy X.

As for now we have no information about the internal and external design features of the Huawei’s upcoming venture but will reportedly be surfaced in a couple of months’ time. It is anticipated that the smartphone will be smaller in size and easy to carry when not in use. It is also said that Huawei may bring a working prototype and gauge the consumer acceptance before going to mass production.

It is important to note that technically we’ve already seen a modern folding phone dubbed as ZTE Anox M that carries two screens and opens like a book to create the illusion of one extra-large screen. But the Samsung and Huawei devices are said to carry the real folding screens.

Stay tuned to follow the developing story in coming days with us.