Smartphones have evolved a lot in the recent years in terms of design features and specs sheets. We have seen a number of Chinese brands making their way to the global markets with fresh and innovative features whereas big guns like Samsung and Apple are also there in business.

Apple brought a notch on the front of the iPhone X that housed multiple sensors in one place making the viewing area larger and larger. Another feature of bezelless displays is considered to be the other innovation of 2017. Meanwhile, a number of brands have improved a lot and managed to attain above 90% screen-to-body ratio like Vivo APEX.

World’s First Smartphone with 512GB Storage

We have seen massive improvement in specs sheet and camera features of today’s smartphones over the years. As far as memory is concerned, many ultra-high flagship devices offer up to 256GB of native storage. However, a Huawei smartphone has made its way to TENNA (Chinese Telecommunications equipment certification centre) with the first-ever 512GB internal storage.

Although, it is not yet confirmed whether the smartphone belongs to the upcoming P20 series or not but the image on the website reveals model number NEO-AL00 equipped with 6GB RAM and 512GB native storage. If the report proves true, we are heading towards the first smartphone with such a huge internal storage.


Once Huawei succeeds in bringing 512GB space, we anticipate other brands will soon join the race and we’ll have more storage on the high-end devices in a couple of years’ time. The Face ID feature was criticised in early times but later on many others followed the trend providing consumers a choice to select.

The mass production of higher memory chips would be the hard part for most of the brands. As we know that Huawei lacks in making such memory chips on its own and the company has no plans in the future, it is most likely that Samsung would be the prime source for the alleged NEO-AL00 phone.

It may also happen that Huawei might be in the final stages of making the chips itself and surprise everyone with sudden announcement.

As for now, we don’t exactly know whether these specs belong to the luxury models as Mate Porsche series or it is the brand new device. Whatever may be the case, it is quite sure that the next milestone of 512GB internal storage is not too far.

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