The new trend of ‘foldable smartphones’ is in the headlines mainly because of leading manufacturers spotted out to be working on those gadgets including Samsung and LG. However, ZTE recently unveiled Anox M that showcases two screens hinged together enabling a ‘fold’. On the other hand, Samsung claims to bring Galaxy X with single display that can also be folded. It is evident that both of them have different approach to foldable devices with Samsung really getting spark to see.

Well, this is not only Samsung, LG or ZTE working on the concept but the leading Chinese manufacturer Huawei has already started working to bring its own foldable device. This was confirmed by Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, at the launch event of trio of Mate 10 while talking to CNET.

Huawei’s Foldable Device

Yu says Huawei already has a working prototype of such a device but the Chinese company may not wrap it off in 2017. Some tech blogs reveal that the handset may debut next year; the same time when Samsung is expected to release its foldable Galaxy X.

What’s currently stopping Huawei to make a foldable device is the lack of flexible screen technology, better mechanical design and a gap in between both of the screens. “We have two screens, but we still have a small gap. That’s not good, and we should get rid of the gap”, Yu was quoted as saying.

However, the CEO is optimistic about Huawei’s bright future believing that it will become the No.1 smartphone maker in the world at some point in the future, overtaking both Samsung and Apple in the process.

Future of Foldable Smartphones

Where is this dual screen trend going? Will more manufacturers launch foldable smartphones? At least we are right to say at the moment that the folding smartphones would become the next topic under discussion with the ‘all-screen’ concept becomes the past. But there should be no hurry in winning the race; the job to be done correctly otherwise the device will be poor and manufacturing costs might result in compromises elsewhere in the phone.

It is evident that we are certainly going to see this kind of advancement in next year with both Samsung and LG planning the same and now Huawei jumping into the ring too. Keep visiting these pages as we’ll keep an eye out for any other manufacturers looking to launch foldable smartphones.