Facebook, the leader in Social Media platforms, has officially announced to cross 2 billion monthly users. The journey that started in 2004 has gradually connected the world in a manner that it can now influence individuals, businesses and global politics more than any other entity that currently exists.

Following is what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about the achievement:


In addition to Facebook’s 2 billion users, company also hosts more than 1.2 billion users on Facebook Messenger and another 1.2 billion on its recently acquired WhatsApp service.

Facebook Users

Recent data published by HotSuite shows that the US, once a key market for Facebook, is no longer in the lead for the most active users on Facebook. It has now been overtaken by India with 241 million users, 1 million more than US’s 240 million users.

Both the countries have seen tremendous growth in Facebook users in the year 2017. The data reflects India witnessing 27% increase in Facebook active users in the last 6 months as compared to 12% in the US.


The major increase in users from India was partly thanks to the new Facebook Lite app being introduced which runs on lower end smartphones, ensuring that more people use it.

More interestingly, we don’t see any of the cities from India and US in the top five list of active Facebook users with Bangkok way ahead than Jakarta and Dhaka competing neck to neck.

Where Does Pakistan Stand?

Having a population of 194 million, Pakistan has an impressive 140 million people with mobile subscriptions. According to several reports, Pakistan now has 35.1 million internet users out of which active social media users stand at 31 million.

As far as the Facebook users are concerned, Pakistan crossed the 25 million Facebook user mark last year; 15-20 million men and 5-10 million women users. Interestingly, the second largest city Lahore tops the charts with the maximum number of Facebook users in the country, coming in at approximately 5.2 million users.