Instagram, a popular photo sharing app, keeps on introducing innovative features to remain in headlines. In a bid to encourage more users to privately message one another, the app brings a new feature – Remixing.

It’s really easy to use Instagram Remixing. Once your friend drops you a photo in your DMs, you can edit and decorate it the way you like; be it with stickers, doodles or sending it back with another photo of yourself.

In this way, you can make it seem like your friend’s selfie is part of your own staged scene. You can also control how many times the message can be viewed by your friends by choosing between “one view” or “allow replay” options when sending. The update is live now, Instagram says.


Copy of Snapchat?

It seems that Instagram is trying to improve its app to attract more and more users interacting with others in a comic way. However, the race of getting better than others intends social media apps to copy each other’s features. This time Instagram has replicated Remixing feature from Snapchat’s Doodle feature.

However, there is a slight difference to doodle features of both app. In Snapchat users can add text to draw their own images and also images that publishers post to Snapchat discover. But it does not allow you to draw on friends’ pictures. However Instagram has added fun to doodle feature by allowing you to edit your friend’s images.

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