The upcoming venture of Samsung – the Galaxy S9 along with its Plus variant are confirmed for an unveiling event at the MWC 2018 next month. As the launch date approaches nearer, new leaked information are considered more legit.

Meanwhile, interesting features of Samsung Galaxy S9 hardware have been surfaced by ET News, a South Korean publication, confirming some specs of previous leaks along with new details.


Camera Features

According to details, the upcoming duo of Galaxy S9 will sport rear camera of 12MP resolution and a variable aperture. The cameras are enabled to switch between a f/1.5 aperture (the smallest ever for Samsung) and f/2.4. This new feature will make your photo shoot much better in different lighting conditions.

Another interesting camera feature will be the recording of slow-motion videos at 1000 fps, just like the latest flagships from Sony.

The front camera embedded in Galaxy S9 and S9+ will have an 8 MP resolution with autofocus and integrated with an iris scanner on the Galaxy S9 while there will be a separate iris scanner for the plus version of Galaxy S9.

It is considered that Samsung has opted this feature taking into account the space limitations and supply constraints of sensors.

SLP Circuit Board

The report further claims that Samsung has introduced a brand new circuit board named Substrate Like Printed (SLP) circuit board, “thinner and narrower” than the previous technology that allows saving more space inside the phones.

However, this board will only be present in the European variant of the phones with the Samsung Exynos 9810 SoC. Theoretically, it means that that the Exynos models have more room for internal components.

Y-OCTA Display Technology

The Y-OCTA is another innovative technology rumoured for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ display that integrates the touch layer of the OLED display in its encapsulation layer, rather than using a distinct film-type layer like on older generations of Samsung’s displays.

This is the same technology that was first introduced in Galaxy S8, but not for its plus variant however, both versions of Galaxy S9 are integrated with Y-OCTA.

Not to mention that the Y-OCTA displays are thinner, have better optical properties and are reportedly 30% cheaper to manufacture.

Fingerprint Scanner

It is also revealed in the fresh leak that the standard variant will have a 5.77-inch display while the Plus one will bring a 6.22-inch Super AMOLED panel. However, Samsung has embedded the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phones; likely to be provided by Aegis Technology, a company from Taiwan.

Though, Vivo has taken the lead by introducing the Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner at the CES 2018 and most probably unveiling the first such phone Vivo X20 Plus UD on January 25th.

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