The internet users in Pakistan heard the news with great joy that the internet speed is fully restored in Pakistan. Reportedly a fault in three of the submarine cables near Saudi Arabia became the main source of dilemma for the last two days.

According to details, IMEWE cable went down on Saturday morning due to a hardware fault reported near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The fault literally disconnected Pakistan with the rest of the world. It is worth mentioning that IMEWE submarine cable carries significant amount of Pakistani bandwidth.

All major ISPs, including PTCL issued an advisory to their customers about degraded internet speeds. People rushed to social media platforms and shared their feelings with others making #PTCL the top trend on Twitter.


Restoration in Record Time

Later in the Sunday afternoon PTCL authorities declared that the fault had been fixed and the internet speeds were restored in Pakistan in record time of less than 36 hours.

The IMEWE is now operational at full capacity and hence the internet access and speeds in the country are now fully restored.


PTCL asked the customers not getting the expected service should restart their routers for a quick fix.

Submarine Cables Connecting Pakistan

There are total six submarine cables laid on the sea bed connecting Pakistan with rest of the world through internet. These cables are named SEMEWE 3, SEAMEWE 4, SEAMEWE 5, IMEWE, TW1 and AAE1.

Two of the submarine cables SEAMEWE 4 and TW1 are already offline since last month due to faults of similar nature. They are still being repaired. The reported fault in IMEWE left Pakistan connected through only three cables thus resulting in dead slow speeds on most of the ISPs.

This should be a wakeup call for the respective authorities including ministry of IT & Telecom and the PTA to go with the restoration of both the faulty cables as soon as possible otherwise total internet blackout may be resulted in future.