Apple unveiled their newest version of operating system iOS 11 with the launch of iPhone 8 family in September this year. Unfortunately, the OS was reported creating issues of split screen and crackling sounds within a week of its launch.

Most recently, a bug named macOS High Sierra was reported that was fixed by Apple later on but some reports suggest that many users are still facing problems. It looks like Apple is again having software issues on various devices as many iPhone and iPad users come up on Twitter and Reddit reporting serious reboot and refreshing issues on their devices.

Respringing at 12:15 AM

Interestingly, most of the cases occurred when the time turned to 12:15 AM on December 2nd on local clocks. Many users faced this problem at the same time when their iPhone began “respringing” quite instantly.

For your info, the respringing is referred to a situation where iPhone goes through a soft reboot. The phone doesn’t fully shut down but the Home Screen starts reloading itself. However, in some cases, users also reported the full shut down and rebooting of iPhone.

One Reddit user claims to have spoken with a senior Apple representative who informed him that the company is working on a fix:

Just spoke to a senior Apple rep and they too suggested manually setting the date to 1 day before the problem started – this was 1 Dec for me and it worked (I’m on an iPhone X running iOS 11.1.2 (15B202)) – or resetting all settings to default. They did mention that they’re presently being flooded with calls reporting the same issue and that their ‘Engineering team’ is working on it figuring out what the problem is.

This bug in iOS appears to be closely related to date (#dategate?). When the date rolls over to December 2nd (in different time zones), it seems to trigger this reboot behavior. It must be noted that the bug does not affect users running the iOS 11.2 beta.

How to resolve this issue?

As for now, Apple recommends that affected users set their device’s date back by one day. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select ‘General’
  • Scroll to ‘Date & Time’
  • Disable ‘Set Automatically’
  • Use the slider to turn the date back to December 1st

If you are unable to fix the issue by this method, try to disable all notifications for the affected applications. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select ‘Notifications’
  • Select the app in question
  • Disable ‘Allow Notifications’

Hopefully, you may have fixed the issue by following one of the above recommendations. Share your views in the comment box below.