Apples are good for health but biting an “Apple” device could be harmful. This is what happened in an electronics store in Nanjing City, China on Friday, January 19th where an iPhone battery explodes when a man tried to have a bite.

According to details, a man was supposedly checking authenticity of the iPhone battery before getting it replaced on an electronics store where the ‘chewing up a battery’ turned into a ball of fire. The video of the unusual incident was captured by the CCTV camera that got viral on social media and millions have already viewed it.

An iPhone Battery Explodes in China

The man can easily be seen in the video placing something (reportedly an iPhone battery) in his mouth and proceeds to bite it, apparently doing his own “litmus test” for authenticity. The device gets ruptured causing a ball of fire that overcomes his face and the people around him.

Although there were many people around him in the store but no one was injured luckily, as clearly seen in the video above. The two most close persons to the exploded battery had already moved away from it, thus no severe injury took place. As a matter of fact, even the man who took a bite of the device was not injured at all.

Reminding you a big chaos last month over Apple’s decision to slow down older iPhone models with aging batteries that ultimately resulted in an apologize and offer to replace olden batteries with new ones for $29. So far two of the Apple stores have been reported to observe a battery explosion during the replacement. But Apple has nothing to do with this case, as biting into a smartphone battery is not a good idea at all.

So don’t try to bite “Apple” in an electronics store, it may harm you!