Camera has become an integral part of a smartphone and most of the flagship devices are equipped with best of the best lens to gain space in the market. We have seen Pixel 2 leading the race with Huawei, Samsung and Apple lagging behind while put under test by DxOMark. Is there any change with iPhone X entering the field with best optics from Apple so far?

Once again, the answer comes from DxOMark, the leading and trusted source of testing and rating smartphone cameras. They have released their latest review focusing the iPhone X camera setup. The test report is a bit of relief for Apple as its premium iPhone scores 97, one point below the highest rated mobile camera, that of Google Pixel 2 and shares the second spot with Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

If we go in detail, the iPhone X got 101 points for its photo performance and 89 points for video performance. Moreover, it got 91 in stabilization and 90 in exposure & contrast. An excellent performance indeed!

Here’s the detailed camera score:


Earlier, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus took the top spots on DxoMark mobile list when they were launched with scores of 92 and 94, respectively. Then we saw Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung tied the iPhone 8 Plus. Later on Google’s Pixel 2 took the number one spot with a 98 (the highest score yet) and the Mate 10 pro lagging behind with the difference of just one.

DxOMark Criteria

There’s one thing to keep in mind that the DxOMark is not the ultimate way to check the camera and the score given is not from 100 but it is out of infinity and a higher score means a better camera. However, you should rely on detailed DxOMark scores rather than the overall score as it will help you choose a better camera according to your preferences.

Here are some sample photos captured by the iPhone X.