Apple celebrated its 10th anniversary while unveiling iPhone X along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus last month. However, market figures revealed that people did not show the expected response for the iPhone 8; rather preferring iPhone 7 instead. One of the reason is waiting for the X to come out of the box on November 3.

Reportedly, Apple is facing intense pressure to cope up with the rising demand of the tenth anniversary model. The sale figures of iPhone 8 did strengthen the case. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that the company is facing supply chain constraints for its upcoming flagship device. The company will apparently have 2-3 million devices before its ultimate launch on November 3rd that may not be enough to meet the iPhone X demand across the globe.

It is also learnt that the exclusive features associated with iPhone X have become main hurdle to fulfil customers’ demand. Unfortunately various cutting-edge components are creating supply chain issues leading to an uncertain future of the company’s futuristic smartphone.

The iPhone X features tons of sensors on the front including the tiny Kinect in the top of the device taht helps to create 3D Map of the user’s face, which again proved to cause havoc in terms of supply of the components.

The same report further claims that some delays were caused by finding a supplier that can meet Apple’s demand for manufacturing flexible printed circuit board for the antenna, as it is different from the regular circuit boards and thus caused supply issues.

Apple will start pre-orders of iPhone X from October 27th but it could take a few months before the company can jump-start its production to meet the actual demand in the market.

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