It seems that all the flagship devices launched this year are in competition to make users annoying with one reason or the other. Do you remember the “burn-in issue” reported with Pixel 2 XL devices? Although Google responded in time and rolled out an update to fix the very issue but Samsung did not let the opportunity go and mocked Pixel 2 XL’s display in a video.

Later we have seen the Note 8 by Samsung with freezing issues when using core tasks. Not to forget Apple’s iPhone 8 that was reported with crackling sounds from speaker soon after its launch. If you remember Apple did not take it seriously and responded the issue as “small number of cases”.

Apple should be careful as this time the 10th anniversary model – iPhone X has been reported with a mysterious green line at the edges of display. The line when appeared stays over there forever making it an frustrating scene for those who have spent $1,000 for the best phone ever. Some users call it “green line of death”.

Users facing the issue say that the green line does not disappear even after restarting or resetting the device; making it a permanent issue. Here are some of the experiences shared by iPhone X users on twitter:

Although Apple has not spoken on the issue but experts say that the issue seems to be related to either the display controller or the ribbon cable connecting the screen. The issue may also be a result of incorrect voltage being dispersed on the edges of the screen causing the voltage to flow to all green subpixels down the line. Whatever the reason is, the issue should not be there on the “best smartphone display ever”.

However, there is a sigh of relief for those who faced the issue that the local Apple stores replaced the defective devices with the new ones. So if you become victim of “green line” we advise you to visit your nearest Apple store and get the new iPhone X instantly.

Let’s see what Apple has to say about the “green line” issue.