Just a few days into their release, iPhone XS Charging Bug has become the real challenge for Apple to cater for the new iPhone models. Some Apple fans have come up with the first major issue in the new iPhone models having trouble in charging their devices.

iPhone XS Charging Bug

As per details, a number of iPhone XS and XS Max owners head on to various online forums including Apple Support Communities and MacRumors Forums with an issue that their devices fail to start charging when a Lightning cable is plugged in while the screen is turned off.

Although, users’ experiences vary but in most of the cases, the iPhone XS and XS Max start charging once users wake the device up by tapping or raising the screen. However, some users merely disconnected and reconnected the Lightning cable to get a charge to resume. While in rarer cases, the iPhone devices reportedly stopped responding entirely at some point after a Lightning cable was plugged in while the screen was turned off.

Unbox Therapy – a prominent YouTube channel performed a test by plugging in Lightning cable into one iPhone X, four iPhone XS and four iPhone XS Max units. The video reveals that the iPhone X began to charge while two of the iPhone XS units and three of the iPhone XS Max units did not.

Possible Cause

Some users have speculated the issue could be related to USB Restricted Mode, introduced in iOS 11.4.1, which prevents an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from communicating with USB accessories via the Lightning connector if one hour or longer has passed since the device was last unlocked.

Apple’s Response

Apple has not officially responded to the iPhone XS Charging Bug as of now bug but it looks mostly like a minor bug and not a major hardware defect. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the forthcoming software update. However, till the bug is fixed, make sure that the device is not in sleep mode when you charge it.

Stay tuned for more updates on iPhone XS Charging Bug.