Islamabad Police takes a step ahead to introduce fast and hassle free mechanism for citizens to interact with the department through an Android app. The app is considered to be helpful for people of Islamabad as it will provide them full support and assistance from the department in case of an emergency or in a state of panic.

The Islamabad Police Android app is full of features where users can report incidents of accident, assault or harassment and send images, video/audio of the incident directly to the police using the app. Interestingly, the app also features a “Services” section that enables users to pay their traffic fines, register tenants, verify vehicle numbers and even access the website of Islamabad Police.

In addition, the app has several other menus including the one with the important information of the police stations, like their locations using Google Maps, names and contact details of SHO’s, SDPO’s, and SP’s of respective police stations. The app also lets you become a volunteer by filling a form available within it.

Islamabad Police Android App – Features

The app has several useful features including the following:

  • Reporting incidents and sending a picture, video or audio directly to the police
  • Getting reports and announcements by the police stations
  • Alerting users’ predefined numbers along with Islamabad Police in case of emergency by using the ‘panic button’
  • Listing important telephone numbers of the federal capital
  • Listening to live FM Radio to get traffic updates and other important news


Availability and Download

The Islamabad Police Android App is currently being tested in beta version, that’s why we are unable to get the name, Google Play Store link or other info about the app. We will update the story and will notify you.