Jang Real App

Reading newspaper is a healthy activity, especially early in the morning. It is an easy way to go around the world and know important events and news according to your taste. With the advancement of technology, newspapers getting revolutionizes in a way that now can read, listen and watch newspaper.

If you think that I am kidding you, I am sorry you re wrong. It is certainly possible to listen and watch newspaper on your smartphone. The leading newspapers have developed their apps for Android and iPhone users.

Jang Real App

Jang Group are the largest media owners of Pakistan, running TV channels and widely circulated newspapers in the country. The Group has recently introduced an innovative feature for their Urdu paper readers – Jang Real App.

It is primarily an Android and iOS app called ‘Jang Real – AR’ that can be used with conventional newspapers by readers to enhance their reading experience and see the pages come alive.

It is worth mentioning that the Jang Real App project was conceived and executed by Ali Moeen Nawazish, General Manager for Strategy and innovation at Jang Group.


The Jang Real App provides extra and relevant information, including audio, video and linked social media, of any news printed on Jang newspaper by using your smartphone camera on your device.

This feature is handy if one is hampered by the limitations of traditional media formats. In this way, readers can’t miss a beat on news of interest, keeping them abreast of all developments and information.

The Jang Real App has opened infinite number of possibilities for the publication that can revolutionize the way print papers do their businesses.

How to use Jang Real App

  • Download Jang Real app to your smartphone
  • Run the app
  • Point the camera at the news item on Jang newspaper
  • More details including audio/ video is available on your smartphone screen


Start listening and watching Jang from today. Share your views in the comment box below.